Bits and pieces from the Everfresh Studio, Collingwood - Australia.


chameleon mural brunswick west


Me. Minyon Falls. 100 meter drop behind me. Safe but sketchy

@mike_maka #everfreshstudio

Happy Friday. @r_o_n_e @wonder_fresh #everfreshstudio

@ballerina_urban_project_au infront of what’s left of the old @r_o_n_e @mayonaize @wonder_fresh DON’T STOP wall in Collingwood.

One person whose been a huge part of the success our new studio space is @kifka. She came on board as our studio manager and has not only help get everything underway but has also connected us with a lot of people we are now working with. She does art consulting and a bunch of other rad stuff, including pointing out all the spelling mistakes in our Instagram posts. #everfreshstudio #studioyogimaster

Great to see photos of the #everfreshsketchbook’s as people start to fill them up. Use the hash tag if you’re posting flicks so we can see them evolve. Here’s @mrstevecross in @aisle6ix book. Cheers guys!

Always nice to see your work end up framed. A piece of mine alongside a new logo treatment I did for @_singular_ jewellery. Thanks guys!

It’s always nice to see your work end up framed. A piece from the open studio last week alongside a logo treatment I did up for @_singular_ jewelry. Thanks guys!

The Tooth @callumpreston #everfreshstudio

@wonder_fresh #everfreshstudio

Summers coming Melbourne. @r_o_n_e @wonder_fresh #everfreshstudio

The Everfresh Sketchbooks have started to be shipped out. @r_o_n_e’s sticker making it all the way to Taksim Square in Turkey. Tag any photos with #everfreshsketchbook so we can see the books as they get filled!

The Spektapod @skynecta #everfreshcrew

What to wear for the open studio tomorrow. Decisions. Decisions. @callumpreston #everfreshstudio

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