Bits and pieces from the Everfresh Studio, Collingwood - Australia.

@callumpreston doesn’t stop. #everfreshsketchbook

Keith Haring in front of his mural at at Collingwood College, Melbourne, Australia, 1984

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A little teaser for the #everfreshsketchbook. The Everfresh @ironlak sketchbooks will be limited to 120 pieces and is a fundraiser for our new studio space. All books come with original pages from studio members @r_o_n_e @wonder_fresh @callumpreston @mike_maka @mayonaize & @thomascivilian. Plus a few extra bits and pieces. Pre-sale and price released this week. 60 copies will be available online and the remaining books will be on sale at our open studio day on Sep 6th.

Texture. @r_o_n_e & @wonder_fresh #everfreshstudio

After 6 months work we are almost ready in our new space. Excited to show everyone the new studio soon. 📷 by @Mthomdotcom of @r_o_n_e setting up his corner.

DEAD STILL @skynecta #everfreshstudio

The original SPACEGOAT 176 by Sync from the Everfresh Blackbook. Amazing to see kids these days growing up and re-drawing these Sync characters as their own. #evolution #everfreshstudio

Writing the god damn same thing.

A little overspray today with @r_o_n_e. #everfreshstudio


Meggs - Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

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Collaboration with Maser Art for Draw Out Festival 2014

LImerick, Ireland

Shot by Conor Buckley

That new studio feeling. Everfresh Studio 2.0 in Collingwood. @everfreshstudio

Spent today learning all about painting letters with @pocketdesign, good times. Hard work painting on such a small scale for a change. #dontbesoreckless

This weekends effort with @r_o_n_e. Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

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